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City Tattoo Removal is proud to Introduce the new PICOSURE Laser Tattoo Removal -Takes 3 -6 treatments !

City Tattoo Removal London is one of only a handful of clinics in London with the new PICOSURE technology allowing us to remove tattoos in as little as one treatment for amateur tattoos and four treatments for professional tattoos.

Why is Picosure the dramatic advance in laser tattoo removal?

Removes tattoos in 60% fewer treatments
Fully Trained and Qualified Nurses
Super- effective on blues and greens
Picosure works well on ALL Skin types

Picosure Fastest & Most Affordable Tattoo Removal
Clears resistant tattoos that did not respond to other lasers tattoo removals
Saves Time & Money because Picosure can remove any colour tattoo in 3-6 treatments (previous laser technology took 10-15 treatments)
Previous lasers delivered at a speed called a nanosecond (1 thousandth of a second) whereas Picosure
Delivers at a speed called a picosecond (1 trillionth of a second)
The speed of laser delivery determines the disintegration of ink particles


Our laser tattoo removal specialists treat over 130 tattoos per week! We are conveniently located in the City and our staff have decades worth of experience removing tattoos of all colour and on any skin type.

Recent advances in laser tattoo removal technology now ensure that we can now remove any coloured tattoo on any skin type or colour, which was previously more difficult to achieve.

City Tattoo Removal is proud to be the only clinic in London that has both the PICOSURE laser and the Q-Plus laser. These are the most advanced lasers currently available the world over to remove tattoos safely, quickly and effectively.

The Picosure is the first Picosecond laser to enter the aesthetics market. This unrivalled breakthrough in laser technology provides ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the area of ink in a trillionths of a second. Picosecond pulse width allows for a better impact on the ink, allowing for better clearance in fewer treatments and less energy. This greatly reduces the risk of scarring and pigmentation on any skin type.

PICOSURE  Tattoo Removal Price list

CONSULTATION FREE   Pack of 4 Pack of 6 Pay Monthly Plan  
  Single   Save 10% OFF  Save 15% OFF  
Very Small £70   £270 £380 £31
Small  £125   £470 £674 £47
Medium £190   £740 £1014 £77
Large  £299   £1100 £1594 £127
Very Large £430   £1680 £2300 £175
Major £580   £2000 £3000 £225



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