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Laser Tattoo Removal specialists treating over 130 tattoo's per week! Decades worth of experience removing all kinds of ink.

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Call for a FREE consultation: 0207 283 8191

With over 2 decade’s worth of experience City Tattoo Removal has a wealth of knowledge within the laser field.
We have 3 laser tattoo removal machines suitable in removing ALL removable colours of ink. Some laser clinics get away with just one laser, this means the removal process will take a lot longer and you will see some colours will just not budge!



We have the gold standard in laser tattoo removal equipment

  • Fully Trained and Qualified Nurses
  • Q-Switched Technology
  • Ruby-694   laser to remove stubborn Green/Blue ink
  • NDYAG-532    to tackle Red and Yellow ink
  • NDYAG-1064    to remove Black ink
  • OPTIBEAM    laser - reduces side effects (most clinics do not have this)
  • Homogenizer- for equal energy distribution (most clinics do not have this)
  • FREE Consultation
  • FREE Patch test
  • After care advice sheet
  • Open until 8pm weekdays and Saturdays until 5pm

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